Soosi Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment Ultra Slim Cold Water Non-Electric Bidets For Feminine Posterior Wash

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Dear friends,because of the different T-adapt connectors, our products are divided into three SKU, please select the country corresponding to the SKU before placing the order. if you don’t know what type of T valve is used in your home, please contact the customer service staff of SOOSI Office Store.we will deliver the goods according to the model you ordered.


If the goods you receive have water droplets, please don't worry, because this is a water leakage test we did during the production process, please rest assured to use


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After-sales service: After receiving the goods, please contact us if you have any questions, we will definitely satisfy you.

About T-adapt

Different T-adapt for different countries ,Asia/RU/AU/UK/South America is 1/2,Europe is 3/8,North America is 7/8.If it is different from the T valve at home you know, please note the size when placing the order.

Simple knob design

Easy twist the dial,enjoy a soft cleansing.


Bidet: ABS
T valve: brass
Hose: stainless steel

Package Includes:

1 x Bidet(SS-5650)
1 x Stainless Steel Hose (75cm long)
1 x Brass T Valve with Rubber Washer
1 x Installation Instruction
1 x 1-Year Warranty

The secret of changing hemorrhoids

New Arrival (SS-5650)

Adjustable Pressure-More Choice

Ultra thin:0.2 inch

This slim design bidet is half thinner than the traditional bidet which thicks 0.4 inchs.Its thin profile keeps your toilet seat level.No toilet seat gap so it also elimininates the stress points that can cause seat cracking.


Are you still using paper?

The Benefits of Water Cleaning(SS-5650)


Q: This product does not need to be plugged in, how does it work and how stressful is it?
A: Our products work by supplying water and cold water. The maximum pressure depends on the water pressure in your home. You can turn it down and up.

Q: How to avoid water leakage?
A: As shown in the picture: Make sure the black rubber gasket is inserted into the top of the T-adapter and all connections are secure. Wrap a thin layer of Teflon Tape around the valve threads before attaching the adapter. You can wrap all connections with Taflon Tape to prevent leaks.

Q: How do I know which bidet is right for my toilet?
A: You can watch the picture showing the installation size of the bidet.

Q: If I have a bidet installed, how can I keep the toilet seat from rising?
A: This slim design bidet is half thinner than a traditional 12mm thick bidet. The toilet seat is seamless and easy to install. We also included three spacers that can adjust the height of the toilet seat and can also supplement this problem.

Q: What should I do if I buy a product that is not the right size?
A: You can contact customer service as soon as possible, we will let you confirm the exact size, and then help you solve this problem.

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