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Fine workmanship and alignment, beautiful and comfortable Cooling fabric is " Ice silk " fabrics.
Ice silk fabrics do not contain chemicals, polymers, glues, crystals or phase change materials.
This kind of ice silk cooling pad is thin, cool feeling fabric on one side and mesh fabric on the other side. It is relatively soft and can be used on the floor / sofa / bed / nest, etc. it feels cool.
The fibers utilized are all safe and non-irritating fibers.
This kind of fabric is light, thin, breathable and comfortable to wear compared to ordinary moisture-proof fabrics.
It can be laid directly on the floor for dogs to sleep and feel cold.
You can lay it in the dog's nest, in a cage.
It can be utilized as a master's bed and cushionMachine washable, machine washable.
And that will not deform the mat



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1X Pet Cooling Mat


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