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The 26" Mental Round Outdoor Wood-Burning Fire Pit is constructed with high-strength steel and features a high-operating temperature, so you can enjoy toasty fires on crisp autumn nights. This small fire pit is lightweight and is easy to assemble or disassemble, so you can move it about your outdoor space as needed. It has a safety-centric design, with a spark screen to prevent embers, sparks, and other debris from flying around on breezy nights. This fire pit makes a great addition to camping RVs- it's small, portable, and super easy to assemble. Enhance your outdoor space with the 26" Mental Round Outdoor Wood-Burning Fire Pit.

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26" Metal Round Outdoor Wood-Burning Fire Pit:

Constructed with high-strength steel that has a high-operating temperature

Featuring a spark screen that prevents embers, sparks, and debris from getting out

Super lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble

Great way to enhance your outdoor space, from campsites to patios

Care Instruction: Always double check the fire is out after using. Do not touch or move the fire pit right after using. It is recommended to store the fire pit under a cover to extend the usage life.

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