Mini Sunset Projector Lamp Rainbow Atmosphere Led Night Light for Home Decoration USBCharging Wall Lamp For Background Projector

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Crystal Lens Rainbow Sunset USB Projection Lamp Night Light Background Projector LED Atmosphere Room Wall

Material: Hardware + glass Cable length: 100cm Size: Height: 14CM Lamp Diameter: 7.5CM Chassis Diameter (the lamp head can be removed for lighting) Style: Rainbow, sun, sunset,sunset with red Battery: USB charging Length: 13 cm Lamp bead type: LED chip Voltage: 5 (V) Irradiance area: 15㎡-30㎡ Applications: Home, hall, coffee shop, living room, bedroom, dining room. Note: The angle of the lamp holder can be adjusted. 1. Stable and durable: Made of high-quality hardware + glass, the lamp holder is stable, the lamp pole is stable, and the lamp tube is always stable; energy-saving, non-glare LED lights have a long service life. 2. Touch switch and USB charging: Remove in one second, the neck interface has a magnetic button function, which can be removed and installed at any time, the charging interface can be charged through USB or directly inserted, double filling and filling purposes, no electrode dimming, very Convenience. 3. 60 degree rotation: The lamp head can be rotated 60 degrees, which can emit different lights from different angles, so as to bring different effects to your room. The size and shape of the halo can be adjusted by rotating the light. 4. Projection lamp: This robot table lamp is to create an atmosphere. It projects a wonderful light on the wall. Whenever it is turned on, it will illuminate the wall like a sunset/rainbow/sunlight. With its magnetic neck, you can adjust the desired projection direction. 5. Romantic visual experience: If you dream of having a romantic modern home, this floor lamp is a must; modern LED lights can provide energy-saving energy-saving lighting for your house or office, and have a pleasant living room.

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