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L size: 56x56x43cm/22.04x22.04x16.92 inches

1. The ultra-small packaging volume provides more portability for outdoor life, you can easily put it on your backpack, car or bike.
2. Portable fire pits provide the perfect core for camping, backcountry trips, wood burning, picnics, campfires and all other on-the-go adventures.
3. Heat-resistant and environmentally friendly steel can hold enough wood to deal with fires of all sizes. Very easy to clean up.
4. After the ash is cooled, just pour it into the garbage and clean the mesh.
5. It can be assembled in minutes without any tools and quickly folds into a 12.7" x 3.9" x 3.9" tote bag.

1. This product is a small portable fire pit, not a large fire pit
2. Avoid fire: This product is for outdoor use, avoid contact with other flammable objects on the ground. Avoid using it in buildings, garages or any other enclosed areas
3. Always use in accordance with all applicable local, state and national fire codes
4. Don’t leave a lit fire pit unattended
5. This fire pit is suitable for dry wood. After use, put out the fire with soil or water and bury the embers.

Package Included:
8 steel legs
1 piece steel leg stand
1 rollable steel mesh
1 tote bag

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