HOTO Laser Tape Measure, Smart Laser Rangefinder, Intelligent, 30M, OLED Display, Laser Distance Meter, Connect To Mobile Phone

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Rangefinder PRO, the measurement function is more abundant. Click on the picture to purchase.

Note: Dear Korean buyers

Due to the Korean policy, the page where the laser rangefinder is connected to the Korean version of the MI Home APP cannot be switched to feet. If the buyer needs to use feet as the measurement unit, it can be adjusted to the English version of the page for measurement.

Note: Dear Israeli buyers

In response to the problem of the package being detained by the laser rangefinder to Israel, we have optimized and upgraded the logistics route (J-NET) to avoid the risk of the package being seized by the customs. Please rest assured to buy.

Video content:

①The laser rangefinder is connected with the "MI Home" application

②In the "MI Home" application, set the "post benchmark" or "former benchmark" of the laser rangefinder

③The laser rangefinder currently only supports meters and feet as units, not centimeters, millimeters, and inches.

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