High Pressure Faucet Glass Rinser Automatic Glass Cup Washer Bar Kitchen Beer Milk Tea Cup Cleaner Sink Accessories

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Bar Glass Rinser Stainless Steel Automatic Cup Coffee Milk Tea Pitcher Sink High Pressure Spray Washing Kitchen Washer Cleaning Tools  
Wide range of use: including baby bottles, milk bottles, red wine glasses, beer glasses, drink glasses and tea cups to meet your various needs.
Generally, the pressure of tap water can be used for cleaning. Press the bottom of the cup gently with the mouth of the cup facing down to automatically spray water for cleaning. After cleaning the cup, remove the cup and stop spraying water. The cleaning is completed.
Rinse off the residue easily, so you can reduce the soaking and scrubbing time.
It is widely used in bars, public houses, coffee shops, milk tea shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Color: Black
Size: 13*12cm
Material: abs+ metal

1 x Cup Washer
1 x Cup Washer
1 x Hose 
1 x 9/16 three-way valve (US)
1 x Cup Washer
1 x Hose 
1 x 3/8 three-way valve (EU)

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