Flexible Car Trunk Organizer FlexiStick Unique Gift Car Storage Organization Accessories for Ca SUV Van and Sedan car organizer

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Small & Bulk Goods

The flexible, vinyl-covered cushion is an efficient car organizer for trunk that holds any item in place.


Protect Fragile Items

No more sliding! Car storage trunk organizer keeps items protected from drifting or braking with the support of the the soft padding.


Flexible Velcro Grip

velcro trunk organizer has a velcro bottom to grip the boot floor fabric and stays fixed in place.


Flex It, Bend It

Use one or more flexible sticks to secure multiple bulk loads in the car boot during a commute.




Material: Nylon+ Sponge+ Velcro Stick

Color: Black

Length Size: 980mm/38.5in



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