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What are the characteristics of this reusable sponges:

-Cute bread shape, unique design.
-High density PU sponge, good quality.
-Economical, 12 pcs per pack, enough for half a year.

Item information:

Material: PU sponge
Size: 10X7X2.5cm
Color: brown
Usage: Kitchen sponges for dish washing, cookware cleaning
Package: 12 PCS/24 PCS

Bread shape kitchen sponges.

Size: 10X7X2.5cm.

Unique design.

Suitable for kitchen cleaning. Such as dishes, cookware, cooktop and other things in kithcen.

Made of high density PU foam sponge. Durable and good water absorption.

Soft sponge, no scratch.

12 pcs per bag, enough for half a year.

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