Car Detailing Brushes Kit Brushes for Automotive Cleaning Auto Air Cleaning Electric Drill Brush Cars Dirt Dust Cleaning

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Product Description:
1.Professional and Multifunctional Car Cleaning KIT

2.Organizing Your Tools And Gear So Everything Is Easily Reachable Will Save Precious Minutes!

3. Car Cleaning Products To Deep Clean Your Car

1.Get your ride showroom shiny in no time!
The Tool List: Everything You'll Need To Clean Your Car


7. Car Drill Polishing Pad

Buffing Pads can be used in pneumatic or electric polishing machine. Widely Used for all kinds of coat paint's waxing, sealing glaze,and polishing, to clean and improve their lightness; detail polishing. Adhesive backing for auto car. Sponge Pads Can be change in seconds.

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