BiNFUL Usb Flash Drive 256GB 512GB Electronic Gamepad Pen Drive 16GB Flash Disk 2.0 Memory Stick 4GB 8G 32GB 64GB 128GB Pendrive

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  • Supports hot plug & play, High speed USB 2.0 port

  • No physical drive required

  • Plug-and-play; no external power supply required, USB bus-powered

  • Support all current computer systems

  • speeds vary depending on types of file being transferred and computer configuration.

  • Write Rate:3-10 Mb/S

  • Interface USB 2.0

  • Excellent USB Memory stick in excellent condition

About capacity:
  • 4GB=approximately 3.6GB-3.8GB
    8GB=approximately 7.4GB-7.6GB
    16GB=approximately 14.4GB-15.8GB
    32GB=approximately 28.5GB-30GB
    64GB=approximately 57GB-60GB
  • 128GB=approximately 110GB-120GB

    256GB=approximately 238GB-249GB

    512GB=approximately 492GB-499GB

  • Vendors are using Flash memory decimal arithmetic: 1 MB = 1000KB, 1G = 1000 MB

  • Calculated, operating system with binary arithmetic: 1 MB = 1024KB, 1 GB = 1024 MB;

Warm Tips:

  1. To avoid data loss or mechanical damage, do not power down your computer or unplug flash disk during transfer.

  2. Please do not remove your USB flash drive when it is being used otherwise your data may loss.

  3. After using USB flash drive, it is better to remove it as soon as possible. That will helps to extend its storage lifetime.

  4. Please do not format your USB flash drive frequently, otherwise the USB will be damaged easily.

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