A1 A2 A3 A4 PVC Cutting Mat Board Durable Self-healing DIY Sewing Student Art Paper Cutting Engraving Cut Pad Leather Craft Tool

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A1 A2 A3 A4 PVC Cutting Mat Durable Self-healing Board Sewing Double-sided Design Engraving Cutting Mat Craft DIY handmade Tools


1.Made of high quality PVC, protect the blade, prolonging the service life of your blade.

2.The cutting mat can also make your cutting work more convenient and smooth, can be easily cut a straight line on the cutting mat without a ruler.

3.Quality, self-recovery, two sides can be used.To prevent the desktop being cut.

4 sizes for your choice

A1: 90cm X 60cm, 3mm thickness, appr. 2.5kg

A2: 60cm X 45cm, 3mm thickness, appr. 1.25kg

A3: 45cm X 30cm, 3mm thickness, appr. 0.72kg

A4: 30cm X 22cm, 3mm thickness, appr. 0.35kg

Material: PVC

Color: Green

Package instruction

A1and A2 Due to its large size, the board is rolled into a cylinder for easy delivery.

A1 package size is about: 61cm*16cm*16cm

A2 package size is about: 30cm*12cm*12cm

Note: Since the cutting mat is rolled into a cylinder, it needs to be placed in a temperature-exposed position and will naturally flatten after 1 day.

A3 package size: 45cm*30cm*0.4cm

A4 package size is about: 30cm*22cm*0.4cm

Package List: 1 * Cutting Mat

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