5pcs Universal Transparent Buffer Shockproof Hygienic Toilet Seat Bumper Strong Adhesive Silicone Replacement Parts Protective

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Toilet Seat Bumper: 5PCS of toilet seat bumpers in total, A sufficient amount for you to use and replace, suitable for families, hotels, hospitals, toilet seats, etc. can be used for a long time.
Durable: The silicone material is not easy to deform, preventing the toilet lid from colliding with the wall of the water tank, avoiding impact and reducing the noise effect when closing.
Universal Design: Fit for most model of toilet seat. Make the toilet seat more flat and stable, can provide a great buffering.
Strong Adhesive: Strong self adhesive straps make it stick firmly on the toilet seat lid. Easy to use.
Easy to Clean and Replace: The shock-proof bumper of the toilet is cleaned with water and will not degummed.
The high-strength viscous can continue to be practical after cleaning.

Material: Silicone
Color: Transparent
Size(LxWxH): About 45x21.8x5mm/1.77x0.86x0.2inch51x10.7x23mm/2x0.42x0.9inch
Quantity: 5pcs/pack

Package includes:
1pc x 51x10.7x23mm Toilet Seat Bumper
4pcs x 45x21.8x5mm Toilet Seat Bumper


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