360° Flexible Book Night Light Clip On LED Eye Protection Reading Lights Rechargeable / Battery Powered Travel Bedside Lamp

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Description for 24cm Desk Clip On Lamp:

Battery type: 3A battery (no battery delivery) or charging (1000mA)

Product power: lamp bead 0.2x5=1W

Material: ABS

Luminous color: white light

Size: as shown in the figure


1. Clamp it on the headboard or headboard, lie on the bed and read a book, the comfortable light will bring you a comfortable life!

2. This clip-on reading lamp is small and portable.

3. Very suitable for camping, reading, learning, music stand, computer keyboard lights and tasks.

4. Made of high-quality materials, durable.

5. Power supply: You can choose battery (excluding battery) or rechargeable

Description for 11cm Mini Battery Lamp:

Material: Plastic

Size: About 4 x 4 x11cm

Net weight: about 50G

Color: Rose red, yellow, white, pink, orange, green, blue

Output power: 2W

Battery: Button battery*3, battery can be replaced freely

Quantity: 1pcs

Package Included:

1 * Night light

1 * Charging cable (battery type does NOT include charging cable)


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