100pcs Round Ball Room Bathroom Decor Acrylic Wall Mirror Irregular Mirror Living Room Decoration Mini Sticker Mirror

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Basic Information:

Size: 2cm*2cm, 100pcs

Color: gold, silver

Specification: square, round

Weight: 100pcs/30g

Customization:Various sizes can be customized for you according to your requirements

How to use:Each plastic mirror sticker is attached with a protective film on the front side,tearing off the protective film can show the reflection of the mirror; peeling off the back adheisive to stick it to the surface of the object; pay attention to choose a surface as smmoth as possible to show a good specular reflection effect

Multiple uses:can be used as interior decoration, beautification, and specular reflection to make the interior space spacious; can be used for bedroom, living room, dressing room, kitchen, gym, office, etc; when you go out to travel, you can also use them

Precautions:The mirror sticker has a reflective effect on the front side,which can be used to replace the glass mirror; safer for preventing scratches and will not break; can be carried around and used at anytime; can also be cut into any size as needed

Material and size:made of good quality plastic, not real glass, with smooth surface and good texture; with protective film on the front and back adhesive on the back; suitable size, can be used with crafts and easy to paste and peel, please note that the stickers need to be applied to a smooth surface , the smoother the surface, the clearer the reflection

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