10 Pcs Punch-Free Non-Marking Strong Adhesive Screw Stickers Wall Picture Hook Invisible Traceless Hardwall Drywall

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How to use?
* 1. Clean the oil/dust/water on the surface and place the item on the wall to determine the position.
* 2. Mark the position of the hole with a pen.
* 3. Uncover the transparent protective film on the back of the patch.
* 4. Install the center of the screw to the center of the mark to remove air from the hook.
* 5. Paste the hooks one by one and check if the installation is safe.
* 6. Wait an hour for better results.

* 1. Usually on a smooth tile surface, this hook can hold 17 lbs / 8 kg. However, we recommend not to exceed 13 pounds / 6 kilograms for a long time.
* 2. Do not hang fragile or dangerous items!
* 3. Suitable for most types of walls: suitable for ceramic tiles, ceramics, metal surfaces, etc. Please note that there are restrictions on the walls. If the paint wall has poor adhesion, it may damage the wall.
* 4. If you can't remove it, use a hair dryer until it is easy to remove.

8mm: bracket thickness 1-5 mm
10mm: suitable for brackets with a thickness of 1-7mm
If you don't know the thickness of the bracket, choose the largest size.

1. The bracket can be fixed without tools and perforations, so it will not damage the wall.
2. It can be taken at any time without leaving any traces.
3. Solid and stable, do not worry about falling.
4. Suitable for most wall surfaces, can be used for hard walls without powder.
5. Waterproof, oil proof, high temperature resistant, temperature will not affect its adhesion at 40 °C.

Where can I use it?
You can use it where you need a fixed bracket kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, door, wardrobe, hallway, foyer, entrance, office, garage, etc.

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